Wheew! Finally got things going in the right direction! Took me way too long to figure this all out!

So, I’ve made a new page on Buying My Creations and you can check that out to learn more about the process and a little more details on everything.

I’m starting a whole category to list my things and make it easier to separate and update each individual item.

I only make one of each listed item. So, if it gets sold, I would just need a little extra time to make another one for you. I would not leave an item up that I would not be willing to make again. It’s really only to save on materials. I don’t want to make 5 pink yarn projects if I only sell one; then want that yarn for another project… Unless I find that I am getting a lot of requests for a specific item, then I’ll start making them in more supply to meet the demand.

Please keep checking back for more listings!

I hope you enjoy!


PLEASE, make requests if you have them. I can always try to make it happen for you, or learn a new skill. I’m a fast learner! Thanks for viewing!


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