Making My Listings!

The Creations listings are finally going up… sorry about that…

I had to get some dental work done and have been in some pain. Nothing serious, just realized that I have some cavities that needed to be filled. Only got one of them done, but after the intense cleaning I had to get done, there was so much blood and swelling that they couldn’t do any more than that… Sucks. Now I have to go back in a few weeks and continue the process… Grrr…

Where I haven’t been listing any of my Creations, I certainly have been making them. I’ve been trying to tackle a new pattern and/or creation everyday. I feel like I’m going a little cross-eyed from staring into my hands so much, but I feel like its paying off (figuratively that is…so far…). My skills and speed are totally improving, which makes me really happy.

Anthony has even noticed and has started to really admire some of the stuff I’ve made. It’s a good feeling. He’s even asked me to make him a knit or crochet hoodie… I have never made anything that big… I’ve never even made a little one. I have no clue on how or where to start with that one… I’m going to be looking at patterns for DAYS!

While I’m writing this post, I have pictures for my listings going on my phone… It is taking forever with this crawling internet. 2 out of 4 pictures so far. And this is just the first listing… Sigh… They will be up! I promise!!!

Thank you for being patient!

Aside from making things and my dental work, I have been stressing.

My bank account has been overdrawn for a while now, yeah… embarrassing and defeating.

I’ve missed more car payments than I’d like to admit, but when your account is less than $0 and have no income or way to get a job at this point… what else are you supposed to do!?!

Luckily, Anthony just got paid, so I was able to finally make a payment before they find me and repossess my car… but they can’t because its not registered in this state… (haha! Come find me! …But please don’t…)

We are stressing so bad. He finally got paid, and was feeling really great and proud of himself, just to see it all disappear with one click. I feel terrible. I have never been one to have people pay for me.

Yes, I’m one of those girls who insists on paying for her meal on dates. I feel guilty when people buy me anything. I really hate it. This is the first time I’m not working, and I have my own bills to pay. I cringe and nearly die when I have to bring up my bills to Anthony.

When he first moved in with me in Washington, I was working already. Since he had just moved across the country and didn’t really set anything up ahead of time (there was no time for that) he didn’t have a job for the first few months. He called it wearing the diaper.

I was pay the rent, bills, and making payments on my other car where he helped with food and the house-work. It was kind of nice playing reverse rolls! He hated it, and I was always broke, but I came home to a SUPER clean house and a meal!

Eventually he did get a job and started to work, and he felt better about himself. But now, here I am, not working, not making any money… and passing my bills onto him?!?! Death.

We still have so much to pay off… ugh!!!

Listing my things is not working on my phone… going to have to do this the other way…


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