Reading Again!

It feels so good to have actually gotten into the grove of reading again, and to actually finish a book!!

I just finished Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls by Davis Sedaris. I loved it!

I’ve always admired his work from afar, having known people to read a lot of his books, but never really picking one up for myself. I’m so glad I finally did! So funny!

His writing and humor is right up my alley. His stories are short but detailed and give you such a good feeling of what he was experiencing or trying to get across to his readers.

I just watched his interview with Steven Colbert, about his newest book he published Theft by Finding Diaries 1977-2002. I WANT IT SO BADLY!!

He’s been practicing the art of keeping up with a diary for YEARS and actually publishing some of them! I’ve wanted to do this for some time now. Mostly because I’ve always been “a fly on the wall”, as my mother used to call me ALL THE TIME!! I eavesdropped onto so many conversations. Home, family, strangers; I am always listening. Part of it I think is paranoia, other part curiosity.

I have picked up onto so many strange and interesting snippets of conversations over the years, but never had thought to put them to paper. I really do want to get into this habit. I am totally inspired!

I’ve had a lot of ideas for books.

I have a partly started children’s book that I’ve been trying to finish for over a year now. I keep thinking about picking up that where I’ve left off. It takes place in my dogs mind, as my child. She is a very timid and shy thing, with the deepest soul and sense of purpose and self-awareness; it’s kind of creepy. But, I have been trying to write this book as she has dealt with my divorce and finding of new love and creating a new family. Where she has been dealing or coping with her self-consciousness and finding her strength with the help and support of Molly, Anthony’s dog, who is also in the book with her own dedicated half. Molly is Anthony’s child, and she lives her life with a single daddy who has lost his mother. Molly gained a lot of weight and couldn’t lose it. Now with the merge of the two separate families, Molly has helped Monkey (my girl) come out of her shell, and Monkey helps Molly lose weight. Both helping each other with their individual problems and becoming one family.


What I’ve been finding most difficult, is keeping everything down to child terms and not getting too deep and dark. Divorce and death can get a little hairy I think…

The next book I’ve picked up is so silly!

At least for me; it is VERY outside my type of book.

Anthony and I only watch Netflix. I have lived without TV for so long now, that I’ve come to despise whatever they are showing on there. Ever since Anthony and I started living together, he’s falling into these feelings as well. Thank god!

So much of it is mindless, and mind numbing. The few shows we do watch are all already pre-recorded, so we can skip the even more painful commercials.


Having gone through most of the tolerable Netflix shows, we have found ourselves watching Pretty Little Liars. I know… what the hell???

It started (because of him) mostly out of curiosity and to watch something to laugh at. Teenage girls, and teenage drama?! I find it funny. It is very outside what we are used to. But now, having almost finished the series, it sucked us in and we have to know who this killer is.

It’s such a dumb show, that it really makes you feel a lot smarter than you already are, because these girls can be dumber than bricks. They have 0% peripheral vision. After years of being chased by a killer, they have never thought to change their outfits before entering the woods or going into a dark place. Nor have they thought about bringing some kind of personal protection, like mace. If this was me, the show would have ended season 1. I’d have gotten this person. Alone. I wouldn’t need 3 other dummies to try and lure the killer somewhere, just to lose them.

Again… off track…

Well this show started with a teen book series. I wanted to see what details they have left out and I love reading what started shows (if you really want to show yourself and ruin a “good” show, read Orange is the New Black). So far this book after only 1 chapter in, is VERY different.

I find it crazy how TV will make silly changes to make it even more sexualized than it already is, or tone down how explicit some of the book really is. If you have ever read Game of Thrones (I’ve only gotten through part of the first one…sadly) you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Also, WHAT ARE TEEN GIRLS READING THESE DAYS?! Holy crap! It is SO inappropriate for young girls. I was never like this! Thank God! If I was, my mom would have kicked my ass!!

Well, I feel like this was an interesting rant. I gotta finish these books, so I can start something better, haha.


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