Ok…How Much Longer?!?

Ok, I’ve reached that point!

6 weeks & 6 more days to go!!!

I am officially starting to get really tired of being pregnant.

I’m sorry. I’m weak. For all those mothers out there who have multiple children and those who are further along that I am right now. I am sorry. I get it now. This is sucky.

My heart burn came back. It lasts ALL. DAY. LONG. No matter what I try, nothing seems to help. Drinking water, especially in this NC heat, is just making it worse and makes me feel like I am totally going to throw up. (Water for whatever reason has always triggered a vomit reflex for me, idk why. It’s gotten better over time.) I am nearly out of milk, and antacids only help for maybe an hour. I don’t want to take anymore than I already am.

If anyone has any other remedies for this, let me know! PLEASE!

I’ve always understood the fatigue and general weakness and tiredness. I mean, come on. We are making a little person, that shit takes a lot out of you! I also understand that “its your body’s way of preparing you for the no-sleep that you are going to be going through”. But, lets be real!

Oh, BTW!!!! I have become really irritable again, so I’m sorry for yelling… BUT! I don’t care who you are. I don’t care how much you know. How experienced you are with it by now… telling me “just wait until he arrives, say goodbye to sleep! hahahahaha” is NOT helping me.

First of all!

I am not tired in the sense of I’m not getting sleep (I’m not, so that is probably not helping).

I don’t feel like I’m really sleep deprived (although I probably totally am- again, heartburn. All hours).

I feel like I’ve been drugged! I am so awake! But, I feel like I took Tylenol PM or Nyquil or something like that, that I’m fighting.

I would be ok if it was just the kind of tiredness that you get from taking care of a baby day and night. Or cleaning. Or washing. Or you know, mommy responsibilities. But this is just like I’ve been thrown into a tar pit while fully awake. With a backpack of cinder blocks. And a large anchor keeping me in the middle of the pit. There might also be a treadmill in there, cause I’m moving, just not going anywhere…

I know its totally not the same, but I used to be young (I know I still am, but yeah). I used to have a full time job, be a full time student, then go to metal concerts and take photos as a side gig, THEN go home and edit said photos. THEN, do it all over again. There would be maybe 1-2 hours of sleep per day… maybe a lucid cat-nap on the subway ride between everything. This went on for MONTHS! Also, there was drinking and partying going on. I survived all that!

Like, I’m just sitting around. Well not really. I can’t sit still. I am so tired, and have been for the past few days (hence me not writing in a while) that I can’t really finish anything. But I’ve made some pretty cool shit in the past few days- just to stay productive.

I’ve made Peach Jelly, Fruit Leathers, and Steve (Anthony’s dad, who we live with) and I just finished my Changing Station…Creation(?) Cupboard(?)…Thing(?) pictures will be up of it soon! It’s huge and great! I love how it came out.

I want to practice some more yoga, but anything I want to start working on, I can’t cause of this big huge belly.

I want to start bigger projects with Steve. I’ve designed this huge big bed platform and bookcase thing that I want to make soon. But, I have to do it in really, really small steps. It gets so hot in the shop that I start fading out fast. Plus heartburn and nausea, I don’t last through a lot of it. I hate leaving him with tons of work left to do on it. But, it should be getting started soon. CAN’T WAIT!

Speaking of the belly…

I was trying to get some pictures of it to send to family and friends, and I discovered that I have HUGE stretch marks going on under there!! I nearly screamed! Ok, I did… and cried. I also, sent an angry text to Anthony for not saying anything about them! WHAT THE HELL MAN!?! I could have been applying more creams and oils on that thing had I known!!! Ugh! So mad!


Even typing all this out, I am getting really sleepy. I’d love to nap, but every time I even lay down. I get energy and can’t actually sleep. Ever. And if I do nap. I’ll never sleep tonight.

I am hating this now… Counting down the days!!! I can’t wait for him to be here!!!!!


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