Keeping a Diary & WitchCraft

I am doing it!

I am going to get into the groove of keeping a diary or journal.

So far, I’m on day… 1.5… But it’s a start!

I am recording my dreams, which are getting stranger by the day (damn hormones). I am also keeping track of my tarot card spreads. I’ve always meant to do this, and I’ve tried for years, but never really kept up with it… I’m terrible, I know.

Yes, I am a tarot card person. And oracle cards. And I burn herbs and oils for various spiritual deities. Some call it voo-doo. Some call it witchcraft. I’ve just been raised by a mother who was all about astrology/numerology/card readings/meanings of dreams/spirits…etc. It’s just a part of me now.

What’s funny, is that was how Anthony’s mom was too. So we are both very spiritual people; in that sense. Not religious, spiritual. We wear crystals and oils. If I can time things right, we burn things during a full moon. I burn sage and cleanse the house. Simple things. We aren’t the types to do full on latin chants, or have full on circles- mostly because we don’t know that much about it. But it’s always been an interest for us.

What I find even funnier than all of that, is it’s always been like this with him and I. Although, when we were younger, it was like the skeleton in his closet. Like I’ve said before, he was a totally different person when in public or school. We didn’t talk, he was a strange jerk. Around his friends, he was a rap listening, white Nike wearing, baggy clothes styled guy. Typical high school ass hole really… lol sorry babe. But around me, he listened to metal, and wore his converse. We did card readings for each other and talked about spirits and the stars and the energies of the world. Thank god he’s finally found himself and got out of all that. He still listens to rap and still has his white shoes. But, I’ve also taken him to his first REAL metal show, and we skateboard. Like I’ve said before, we are a really good balance for each other.

What I’m trying to also accomplish by keeping a diary/journal, is get Anthony to start writing more. And to read more. He gets discouraged by things he doesn’t know, and gives up on them. In the world of technology, he’s lost ability to write well, and has stunted his vocabulary. His creative juices are not flowing the way they should be. I can tell that he’s kind of willing to give it a go, now that he sees me write at night & in the morning, and reading my books. He gets jealous of the attention it takes off of him lol.

I’ve always enjoyed writing, I’ve gotten really nice awards and certificates for it, so its hard to just let my juices stop flowing.

Right now, I am really a pretty corny book, as you can read all about in a previous post… but I am simultaniously studying for my labor.

Yes. That’s what I’m calling it… studying for it.

I am going to attempt to use a birthing method called HypnoBirthing. But I need to dedicate an entire post and category or page to it.

If you couldn’t tell, I’m a bit of a hippy, and want to try to go as natural as I can. This being said, I have NO IDEA what I’m signing myself up for. My family tells me I am crazy and that birth is terrible, but I don’t care. It’s just giving me more reason to try.

My technique of studying this book is basically reading it, and rewriting it in a power point format. Maybe I’ll send this HUGE power point to my mom and educate her a little bit.


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