About Mama D

The not so brief history of Mama D

WARNING::: This turned out to be a novel – I am SO sorry

I may only be 25, but I have had many experiences; so I’ll try to keep everything fairly simple and short.

My name is Dominique, but for humanities sake, I just go by D- as there are a lot of different ways to pronounce my name, and different spellings, and after so many years of correcting people; I’ve given up. Just call me D and we can both be happy!

My (unofficial) fiance and I are expecting our first child August 23rd, 2017. Currently I am 30 weeks along and only now getting to starting a blog. Which I probably should have really started in January!!

Anthony (the fiance) and I started…? continued…? began…? hmmm… this one is tricky…

Anthony and I really met (in New York) YEARS ago, when we were kids. Both coming from very different types of homes and going through very different challenges in our adolescents. But we were very close. There was always this air between us that we never really spoke about; a loving and romantic air.

I’ve always thought about it as a type of Romeo & Juliet kind of situation. In high school we were from VERY different cliques and groups. In a way it kept us apart. We never really spoke to each other except around our closest friends. We would only hang out after school – mostly at my house, after my mom left for work (sorry mom, tee-hee). But we never really acted upon our feelings or even talked about them; we just knew that they were there and respected them from a distance. Even if it hurt.

Years had gone by, with very little written contact, let alone actually seeing each other. We had still gone through even more things in our lives, going down many steep and rocky paths. Hitting huge walls, and still trying to make it out on the other side.

I had gotten married at 22 and moved my then husband across the country to Washington, were I tried to start a new life outside of our small-town bubble. Needless to say, I popped that bubble to fast for my ex, and the marriage fell apart. Well… I took it apart before it got bad. Like a band-aid, I ripped it off fast so it wouldn’t get worse.

Anyway, that’s a story that will stay short. As everyone who warned me was right about getting married that young (there I said it!). I felt that I was a little too strong and too hardened by my experiences for him to handle, as he hadn’t even lived on his own yet when we got married.

I had moved out of my mothers home and sent myself to boarding school in Colorado at 15 years old, and then ended up moving in with my father, and OUT as soon as I turned 18. I had lived on my own for quite some time and already had gone through hell (a few times) and back. So again- he was NOT ready where I was.

Anthony, who had recently lost his mother (a beautiful soul & a wonderful woman who loved her sons beyond words) was looking to rebuild his life, and himself. He had finally reached out and contacted me, after so many years of me trying to reach out to him, and asked me about Washington. Eventually he had come out to visit and then moved in!

Still we had respected that space between us, for time, healing, and growth. Then we started actually talking about those feelings we have always known were there (I mean it was hard not to know, they were obvious!).

He asked me out in the middle of a frozen lake that sat in a kettle of a mountain on my favorite hikes. Our spiritual backgrounds have always connected us with nature and it was a very romantic and perfect setting.

Now here we are! Just 10 weeks away from holding our first child!


Since January of this year we have since driven at least 10,000 miles!

Just in moving travel mind you!

Starting from WA, we drove here to North Carolina first.

THEN, my mother had offered us to rent out her house in upstate NY to start our little family up there. It was a perfect setup! Beautiful little piece of land, a stream that we could see and hear from the house, 2 big beautiful barns and a smaller one that needed a little TLC. We had an AMAZING kitchen with a wood burning stove! It was just a little piece of heaven! But there were some downfalls…

The town was small. I mean SSSMMAAAAALLLL! We love our isolation and are not very social people, but there was just not enough jobs for us to get into, and driving to an actual store alone was a headache that needed to be properly planned out WAY ahead of time. If you forgot something at the store, you are NOT going back for a bit.

The house was AMAZING but needed love, work, money, and time. All were repairs that we could have done ourselves, but with only 1 source of income and me being pregnant, there was not much but love and wishes that we could really invest into the house. It was also RIGHT on the road, which car and semi’s would barrel down constantly and with as many animals as we have, it was a tragedy waiting to happen.

So as money got tighter, and incoming not coming in fast enough to keep up, we had to make a plan fast. So we decided to pack up the car again and drive BACK down to NC to live with his father.

Now that we are settled, we can breathe again!

The animals are happy not to be crammed into a car or truck again. We have a little coop with chickens and ducks. The land is isolated, we have our own little private space.

Things are finally at peace!

All powers have finally joined our side and are working with us to provide paths of least resistance and help us along our journey!

Our determination is fierce and our will-power is unstoppable. Doors are opening up for us left and right, and we can’t open them fast enough.

Please know: that with the right mindset, powerful positive thinking, a good attitude, understanding, respect, and support; you cannot fail! It may take time! Even when you don’t have much to spare, and it may not be on your side. But, doors will present themselves. Sometimes, you just have to take a deep, DEEP breath and plunge into it headfirst. It may not turn out how you had hoped (and we really wanted NY to work for us!) but if you keep trying, and you keep looking for possibilities, and new answers, you will find them. If you take anything out of this long-winded rant of myself and my family, it should be that you can overcome anything, even when the odds are against you.


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