Gestational Diabetes… Great!


It was a time bomb really.

I was kind of expecting it to happen, because my mother had it and so did my aunt.

Also, diabetes is just part of my family (on both sides) anyway…

I was just really hoping not to have to deal with it.

Luckily (so far…) I’m not taking any medication or insulin. Thank god! As strange as it may seem – I have a huge fear of needles! Strange because I have tattoos and piercings, but just can’t deal with it, although I’ve gotten a little better about it.

Anthony, who was used to testing blood and giving insulin to his grandmother, was the first to test my blood for me.

30 minuets of me screaming and pulling my arm away. Laughing, sweating, and crying all at the same time, he managed to finally prick my finger – which was laughably not bad at all. He wanted to kill me it was getting so annoying! “Your going to have to do this 4 TIMES A DAY! How are you going to get through this?!” Then it was over. “Oh. That wasn’t bad.” I said so quietly. We both started cracking up, even though he was giving me the, “you are so crazy I could choke you” look.

(Heads up: We have both come from abusive backgrounds in our past. We have always been support for each other when it came to this, because not many people knew about it, and we were always very open about it with each other. Having gone through tough times with abuse, and know its damages and effects first hand – we have now come to form a relationship were we can laugh and joke about it. Some may find it inappropriate, and in bad taste, but we choose to accept our pasts and get over it with laughter. Our hard roads have given us VERY tough skin, but we manage to find our ways into each other soft spots and nurture them- in our own way. I am sorry if you have gone through abusive times in your life and I would love to share stories with you. People have different ways of dealing with their pain, and some may be able to help you in ways you didn’t think of yet. Talking about it is healthy in my opinion.)

Finally over (somewhat) the fear of pricking my stupid finger, keeping track of my levels is fairly easy. Keeping a “balanced” diet is a little harder.

We are HUGE snackers. I love junk foods. Breads, pastas, chips, carbs!! YES!

I really don’t drink a lot of sodas. I have sugar in my coffee – prefer honey in my teas – if any sweetener at all. I really do like watering down my juices – so I drink more water.

But, its my meals that are killing me! And after dinner snacks… what am I supposed to eat while watching Netflix?!


Is typically the same everyday – I know, kind of strange.

I was never really a breakfast person to begin with, but being pregnant and having to eat, might as well keep it yummy and “healthy”.

I have a cup of coffee, with milk and now 1 sugar. It got it down from 3 – also down to 1 cup. Having lived in Washington there was coffee drive-thru stands (I called them huts) on every corner!! I would get at least a 24oz hot mocha with 4-6 shots of espresso. So yum! Miss it… But probably good that I’ve stopped that. But, hey! I was a dog groomer and we opened at 7 AM. YOU try to wake up with out it, then go wash stinky dogs (who don’t want the bath) getting soaked, probably pooped on, then nearly die of humidity and flying dog hair. Yeah! I’d want an IV drip of coffee at that point.

Back to my point…

So coffee… and 2 pieces of whole wheat toast with peanut butter.

Made the mistake of eating white toast (cause I ran out) one day and that was a huge mistake. My sugar went up like crazy. But it was interesting to see what 1 tiny deviation from my norm would do.

I also don’t sit there and measure out my peanut butter before spreading, because who has time for that?! Really.

Sometimes I cut up half a banana and add that to my toast – if I feel daring! Oohh half a banana!

Things I’ve noticed you should stay away from (that I’ve learned so far) for breakfast are:

  • pop-tarts
  • packets of instant oatmeal
  • white bread
  • a whole banana



This one I am pretty all over the place with.

I’m pretty bad when it comes to eating. Before getting pregnant (and working as a dog groomer and dealing with a divorce probably didn’t help this) I was REALLY under weight. I’ve never been so low in my life – minus being a child. I had lost my butt, my boobs, I was looking sickly and as if I had an eating disorder. I called it stress. I was eating just not well, much, or regularly. In short- my lowest weight was 107lbs.

Now back up to 160lbs!!!! (I tend to have always averaged around 145lbs) I still eat horribly. Mostly grazing and snacking through-out my day.

So by lunchtime, I eat some fruits, and veggies if I have any around.

Living in an Italian home (where the MEN COOK – so lucky, so delicious!) sometimes there is some left over pasta salad or some sorts that I (try to) eat about 1/2- 1 cup of. This is actually do (try) to measure out. Or at least put it in a small bowl. Because I LOVE Italian food and can’t really help myself. After I serve my sad little helping I run away from the delicious pasta and pretend its not there.

But, mostly for lunch I graze, or eat some sort of veggie/fruit mix. Maybe a yogurt or something. I try to keep it light because I know dinner is coming and that will set me WAY back.

Things I’ve noticed you should stay away from (that I’ve learned so far) for lunch are:

  • too much pasta
  • too much mixed nuts & raisins
  • too much cheese in your grilled cheese (a favorite that I’m having to leave behind me)
  • if you love it, try to only like it and pretend you ate it all already…



UGH! This one is HARD!

As I said, Italian home. Men cooking.



I love that Anthony and his dad both cook! THANK YOU GUYS!!

I come from a home where the women are BAD cooks. We all really dislike it, but try our best. Over time we manage to find our ways, and have our own “dishes” that we really try to perfect and stick to.

But that’s another story entirely…

Anthony and his dad cook Italian food (heaven!). So it tends to be HEAVY in carbs and fats, and cheese, and grease, and yum yum yum!!

So, I try to limit myself and put only 1/2 of the portion that I really want. Knowing I’m going to eat a little more anyways.

Last night we went out to eat – ugggh!!

We live in the south, so BBQ! YUM YUM YUM!!!

I tried, I really did. But how can you really eat healthy in a BBQ joint?! HOW?!

So I got the little platter dish and stuffed my face happy – knowing I was going to be upset about it later. And I was, but damn it was good!

I do try to walk after dinner. We take the dogs on a walk a few laps around the property. Sometimes getting at least a mile in, before we go back in. That REALLY helps. But, being now 30 weeks pregnant, and being so hot and humid out, it is really hard to keep up with it and stick to a work-out routine.

Things I’ve noticed you should stay away from (that I’ve learned so far) for dinner are:

  • Anything yummy
  • Anything fattening
  • Large portions of Italian food
  • BBQ – most of it
  • Careful with sauces and dips and dressings
  • Carbs


Some tips that I’ve gotten to help keep things at a somewhat healthy and manageable number:

  • portion out your dressings/dips into a cup and dip your fork in it before stabbing salad. You get some dressing in every bite and you aren’t tempted to over drown your healthy option of greens.
  • Try to eat your non-starchy veggies first- before you dive into your yummy food. To try and fill you up first
  • Say goodbye to anything other than unsweetened tea and water. All I drink is water (minus my morning coffee), mainly because I never really drank water in my life before this, AND so I can maybe squeeze in something yummy and bad, without putting me over an edge.
  • WALK! exercise. Move! It helps lower your sugars by burning it off. If I know I was bad I’ll try to walk around a little more, in a desperate attempt to erase that extra taco that I know I shouldn’t have eaten.