“Working” At Home


Haha! I did it! I managed to score a job working at home.

It’s a terrible job. I really don’t like it at all. Sorry, just being honest.

I am the dreaded recruiter. Yup. I’m the one you hang up on the moment I start talking.

But, it really isn’t what most people (including myself) think it is.

I’m not selling ANYTHING.

What I am specifically doing is calling restaurants and looking for managers who might want a new job. 98% of the time I get the, “So you are stealing my managers?” No – not really.

I’m really just calling to see if you are interested in a new position and maybe you would be getting more out of the change. Maybe better pay, better benefits, more chances for growth opportunity.

I can’t steal anyone. I can only offer something better if you aren’t happy.

I have to say, I’m not really good at it.

After so many phone calls of me saying the same thing over and over, I’m pretty much not arguing with anybody about it.

Which is sad. I really do like my boss. He is super understanding of my situation, and helps me out when he can.

It’s something that is PERFECT for being a first time mom.

After moving around so much, and obviously getting more and more pregnant, finding a job is nearly impossible.

I have always been a worker. I work with my hands. I love it. I’ve never NOT worked. So I’m going stir crazy and feel so much guilt watching Anthony struggle and stress over work and money while I just have to sit around. It’s not my style. It’s miserable. So making a few bucks here and there when I can, really makes a difference.

Again, I’m not rolling in big dough right now. I’m making just enough to help pay for some of the smaller things. Which is better than nothing, right?

Me not being the best sales person – (I never was very good at retail… well except for one retail job, hehe, but that is a TOTALLY different story, for another time – remind me of that one. It’s a cool story.) I can feel like this job is closing in on me. Which makes me nervous.

It’s not like I can force anyone to take the job offer, it’s really just finding the right person who does want a new job. So just calling, and calling, and calling… It’s really boring. But I need to bring in results or I’m going to be out of this perfect gig.

I really do wish that I had something else that I can do from home. I know there are tons of people out there who do it, and make some good money.

I want to be able to be home with my child. Focus on doing things that I love. Try to get back into some sort of schooling…

I have 2 small businesses that I’ve been trying to start.

  1. I am trying to start a eBay business. I have TONS of stuff to go through and start selling. We have a storage unit that needs to be emptied soon, cause they are tired of paying for a unit full of crap. Sorry, but 90% of it is. & I have a huge shed in the backyard that is just a dumping ground of more crap. Literally, there are just boxes (most of them empty) throw around in there. But, both the guys are working now, and I can’t lift anything! AND it’s not my stuff so I can’t just say trash or sell to stuff that isn’t mine. So it’s just a waiting game, until I pop. Annoying! I could be making us some serious money, and making a lot of room in that shed for the shit in the storage unit! UGH!
  2. I make handmade things. I’ll have a whole page on this soon. I crochet & knit. I also make some pretty amazing dream catchers. Most of my dream catcher material is 99% recycled goods, like clothes. I try to make as much of it from the things I have around me. I live in the woods and have chickens, so I collect feathers (the nice ones) and branches and leaves from outside. I’ve been wanting to add my own vials of sediments and water from our river, or macrame some of the nicer rocks, stones, and gems that I have. I’ve also started making my own doilies, which actually came out really good – considering I’ve taught myself everything and just follow videos on YouTube. BUT… at the moment, I am working on making a blanket for my baby so other projects are kind of secondary at the moment… Also extremely annoying!!!

I hope that once I pop this kid out, I’ll be able to get some of my things back on track. But, I’m sure that’s easier said than done.


Now that I’ve procrastinated enough time on here, I have to go actually make phone calls. Sorry, if I call you while you are at work. Just bear with it.

To anyone who is making money working from home… SHOW ME HOW!!!