Buying My Creations!

 Ok, I am still figuring out how to use this site, among other things I still have yet to figure out…

I have a few things that I’ve been making that I am going to create a category for. You can find it on the side of my blog.

Nearly everything I make is only 1 of its kind (and/or color). I tend to not make too many duplicates in case I need the materials for other projects I come across. But! That does not mean that I can’t make another one if you request it!

I can also tweak things around for you if you’d like a different color or size or any suggestions that are within my abilities.

I prefer to use PayPal as my means of making payment transactions. But, we can discuss this when the time comes!

Please note:

I have animals! I own 5 dogs and 3 cats (also, 4 chickens and 4 ducks – but they are irrelevant). Where I am not rubbing the items all over my pets, their allergens are unavoidable in my home. Nothing is dirty! I promise! If I do feel that something seems funky, I would wash it or re-do it. But this issue has yet to ever come up with any of my crafting. Where I mostly do my stuff is in a separate part of the main house, and the animals rarely are in my area, but on occasion they do come visit me upstairs.

I am only bringing this up for allergy reasons.

This is a smoke free home!

All the things I make are handmade by myself. They take time, patience, and love! Since everything I’ve made is self-taught, no two items could be exactly identical and may have some slight imperfections. Although I do absoluetly try to make everything as perfect and beautiful as possible. Again, I am putting my time into them, I want them to come out nice and for you to be happy! I will be very honest and upfront about EVERYTHING! I can also answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Some of the items I list, will have been made for myself and not really in-stock until they are requested. This is really just so I can showcase my new projects and show off my skills! If you like them, just let me know and I would be more than happy to whip one up for you. Again, this is mostly to save on materials.

Thank you so much for viewing!

Keep checking back for new items!

I hope you enjoy!