Reading Again!

It feels so good to have actually gotten into the grove of reading again, and to actually finish a book!!

I just finished Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls by Davis Sedaris. I loved it!

I’ve always admired his work from afar, having known people to read a lot of his books, but never really picking one up for myself. I’m so glad I finally did! So funny!

His writing and humor is right up my alley. His stories are short but detailed and give you such a good feeling of what he was experiencing or trying to get across to his readers.

I just watched his interview with Steven Colbert, about his newest book he published Theft by Finding Diaries 1977-2002. I WANT IT SO BADLY!!

He’s been practicing the art of keeping up with a diary for YEARS and actually publishing some of them! I’ve wanted to do this for some time now. Mostly because I’ve always been “a fly on the wall”, as my mother used to call me ALL THE TIME!! I eavesdropped onto so many conversations. Home, family, strangers; I am always listening. Part of it I think is paranoia, other part curiosity.

I have picked up onto so many strange and interesting snippets of conversations over the years, but never had thought to put them to paper. I really do want to get into this habit. I am totally inspired!

I’ve had a lot of ideas for books.

I have a partly started children’s book that I’ve been trying to finish for over a year now. I keep thinking about picking up that where I’ve left off. It takes place in my dogs mind, as my child. She is a very timid and shy thing, with the deepest soul and sense of purpose and self-awareness; it’s kind of creepy. But, I have been trying to write this book as she has dealt with my divorce and finding of new love and creating a new family. Where she has been dealing or coping with her self-consciousness and finding her strength with the help and support of Molly, Anthony’s dog, who is also in the book with her own dedicated half. Molly is Anthony’s child, and she lives her life with a single daddy who has lost his mother. Molly gained a lot of weight and couldn’t lose it. Now with the merge of the two separate families, Molly has helped Monkey (my girl) come out of her shell, and Monkey helps Molly lose weight. Both helping each other with their individual problems and becoming one family.


What I’ve been finding most difficult, is keeping everything down to child terms and not getting too deep and dark. Divorce and death can get a little hairy I think…

The next book I’ve picked up is so silly!

At least for me; it is VERY outside my type of book.

Anthony and I only watch Netflix. I have lived without TV for so long now, that I’ve come to despise whatever they are showing on there. Ever since Anthony and I started living together, he’s falling into these feelings as well. Thank god!

So much of it is mindless, and mind numbing. The few shows we do watch are all already pre-recorded, so we can skip the even more painful commercials.


Having gone through most of the tolerable Netflix shows, we have found ourselves watching Pretty Little Liars. I know… what the hell???

It started (because of him) mostly out of curiosity and to watch something to laugh at. Teenage girls, and teenage drama?! I find it funny. It is very outside what we are used to. But now, having almost finished the series, it sucked us in and we have to know who this killer is.

It’s such a dumb show, that it really makes you feel a lot smarter than you already are, because these girls can be dumber than bricks. They have 0% peripheral vision. After years of being chased by a killer, they have never thought to change their outfits before entering the woods or going into a dark place. Nor have they thought about bringing some kind of personal protection, like mace. If this was me, the show would have ended season 1. I’d have gotten this person. Alone. I wouldn’t need 3 other dummies to try and lure the killer somewhere, just to lose them.

Again… off track…

Well this show started with a teen book series. I wanted to see what details they have left out and I love reading what started shows (if you really want to show yourself and ruin a “good” show, read Orange is the New Black). So far this book after only 1 chapter in, is VERY different.

I find it crazy how TV will make silly changes to make it even more sexualized than it already is, or tone down how explicit some of the book really is. If you have ever read Game of Thrones (I’ve only gotten through part of the first one…sadly) you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Also, WHAT ARE TEEN GIRLS READING THESE DAYS?! Holy crap! It is SO inappropriate for young girls. I was never like this! Thank God! If I was, my mom would have kicked my ass!!

Well, I feel like this was an interesting rant. I gotta finish these books, so I can start something better, haha.


Baby Booties Cross Over Strap-$25

Like I’ve said, my skills are improving daily!

I am so proud of these!20170630_084627

PLEASE NOTE! These are unfinished… I have to go to the store soon and get some buttons for them. I will post update pictures once they are totally complete!

Also, since these were my first really nice pair, I plan on keeping the prototype shown. That way, when I make yours they will be even better and so fresh!


These should totally fit a newborn. I mean, I looked online to find the average size of a newborns foot and these came out to be 3.5 inches (9.5cm). So maybe a little bit bigger, but I’m consulting the internet and that is all I can really base my information off of at this time.


These stylin’ little shoes are going for $25.

They took more time than my Chunky Booties and are obviously more detailed.

The price includes shipping and handling.

I’m only including them into my prices now, but if things start to take off (like I hope they do) then that might change.

Please contact me if you are interested!


These shoes need buttons! I have yet to go grab some from the store! I will update with new photos as soon as I can.

Also, these shoes take a little more time to make, so keep in mind when you are ordering that I might need an extra day to make and ship them. But that will all be discussed at the time of ordering!

Please contact me if you are interested in a pair!

Thank you for your interest, support, and business!!


Chunky Baby Hat & Cocoon-$25

These came out perfectly! Just the way I wanted them to!

Chunky, soft, stretchy, warm.


I used a marbled blue wool, so they are a bit toasty for summer, especially if you live in the south like I do. But, it would make a great fall/winter gift!

It is 14 inches long, and again, it stretches really well.

I made the hat to match and added a white pompom. If you’d like, I can make one without one.

As of right now, I don’t have another color made for this set. But I will be starting one in a red soon! Probably later today.

I’ve also made a matching pair of booties. I am listing them separately, but if you are interested in the complete set, I can sell them all together. Just let me know.


Again, I am selling this Hat & Cocoon set for $25.

This includes S&H.

Please contact me if you are interested in this creation! As long as the post office is open, it will be sent out the same day I receive payment.

Thank you so much for your interest, support, and business!

Blue Chunky Booties-$15

Here they are! First listing on my Creations category!



These are my Chunky Booties in Blue Wool. They are super warm and comfy. As my baby Connor, is not born yet, I don’t have a model for them…

The sizing I was going for would be 0-6 months, but they could end up being a little bigger, which in my opinion is a good thing. Since they grow so fast. And… right now is the start of summer so these would be a bit warm for now…

I’m thinking they came out to be about 3-6 months (?) but again, I really don’t know for sure. I don’t want to list them as newborn, and then people be upset that they are too big, and don’t fit.

I also have made a matching hat and cocoon. I’m listing them separately, but if you are interested, I can sell them all together as one complete set.


I was also thinking of adding decorative buttons on the booties, but if you’d prefer them without, then they can go as is. I am going to be making some more in a red color (sorry, I don’t have a pink yet… not big on the color…)

Again, I am selling the booties for $15, and that is with S&H included.

Please contact me if you are interested in ordering a pair or the whole set! As long as the post office is open, they will be out the day of payment.

Thank you so much for your view and interest and business!

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Thank you!!!

Making My Listings!

The Creations listings are finally going up… sorry about that…

I had to get some dental work done and have been in some pain. Nothing serious, just realized that I have some cavities that needed to be filled. Only got one of them done, but after the intense cleaning I had to get done, there was so much blood and swelling that they couldn’t do any more than that… Sucks. Now I have to go back in a few weeks and continue the process… Grrr…

Where I haven’t been listing any of my Creations, I certainly have been making them. I’ve been trying to tackle a new pattern and/or creation everyday. I feel like I’m going a little cross-eyed from staring into my hands so much, but I feel like its paying off (figuratively that is…so far…). My skills and speed are totally improving, which makes me really happy.

Anthony has even noticed and has started to really admire some of the stuff I’ve made. It’s a good feeling. He’s even asked me to make him a knit or crochet hoodie… I have never made anything that big… I’ve never even made a little one. I have no clue on how or where to start with that one… I’m going to be looking at patterns for DAYS!

While I’m writing this post, I have pictures for my listings going on my phone… It is taking forever with this crawling internet. 2 out of 4 pictures so far. And this is just the first listing… Sigh… They will be up! I promise!!!

Thank you for being patient!

Aside from making things and my dental work, I have been stressing.

My bank account has been overdrawn for a while now, yeah… embarrassing and defeating.

I’ve missed more car payments than I’d like to admit, but when your account is less than $0 and have no income or way to get a job at this point… what else are you supposed to do!?!

Luckily, Anthony just got paid, so I was able to finally make a payment before they find me and repossess my car… but they can’t because its not registered in this state… (haha! Come find me! …But please don’t…)

We are stressing so bad. He finally got paid, and was feeling really great and proud of himself, just to see it all disappear with one click. I feel terrible. I have never been one to have people pay for me.

Yes, I’m one of those girls who insists on paying for her meal on dates. I feel guilty when people buy me anything. I really hate it. This is the first time I’m not working, and I have my own bills to pay. I cringe and nearly die when I have to bring up my bills to Anthony.

When he first moved in with me in Washington, I was working already. Since he had just moved across the country and didn’t really set anything up ahead of time (there was no time for that) he didn’t have a job for the first few months. He called it wearing the diaper.

I was pay the rent, bills, and making payments on my other car where he helped with food and the house-work. It was kind of nice playing reverse rolls! He hated it, and I was always broke, but I came home to a SUPER clean house and a meal!

Eventually he did get a job and started to work, and he felt better about himself. But now, here I am, not working, not making any money… and passing my bills onto him?!?! Death.

We still have so much to pay off… ugh!!!

Listing my things is not working on my phone… going to have to do this the other way…


Wheew! Finally got things going in the right direction! Took me way too long to figure this all out!

So, I’ve made a new page on Buying My Creations and you can check that out to learn more about the process and a little more details on everything.

I’m starting a whole category to list my things and make it easier to separate and update each individual item.

I only make one of each listed item. So, if it gets sold, I would just need a little extra time to make another one for you. I would not leave an item up that I would not be willing to make again. It’s really only to save on materials. I don’t want to make 5 pink yarn projects if I only sell one; then want that yarn for another project… Unless I find that I am getting a lot of requests for a specific item, then I’ll start making them in more supply to meet the demand.

Please keep checking back for more listings!

I hope you enjoy!


PLEASE, make requests if you have them. I can always try to make it happen for you, or learn a new skill. I’m a fast learner! Thanks for viewing!

Etsy Shop Delays; New Page Soon!

I am so sorry!!

I really want to cry right now!!

I have just spent the last 2 hours picking out a shop name and setting up my listings, just to be defeated by my bank account!!!

Embarrassingly enough, my bank account is overdrawn (by a lot) and my card has been shut down…

So I can’t even set up my shop without it!

I was hoping I’d be able to use my PayPal to set it up, as I have some of my emergency money on there (I know, strange), but nope. Guess not!

Well… in that case…

I’m going to make a page here and list the items I have so far myself!

Screw you Etsy! (for now…)

Like I said, I have a working paypal, and can use that to make all my transactions. You may contact me with any questions, requests, or concerns.

Since I am not working, all I have is time! Getting to the post office (as long as it’s not closed) would be nearly instant and not an issue.

My items that I make are all as is, and can be made to order. I don’t have a lot of back stock on each item…yet. So there would only be one of each listed item.

If I’ve sold the item, I can make you another (given I have all the materials) as fast as I humanly can. I’m very open with communication, so you’d be informed every step of the way, and no payment would be needed until item is ready to be shipped. (I think that’s fair). I’m open to negotiations and recommendations and requests.

The new page will be up and running soon!

Keep checking back in!

Thank you so much for your support and interest!

My Tiny Creations!


I have finally finished my newborn hat and scratch mittens that I’ve been working on. They are so tiny and cute!! And whatever this yarn is, is SO soft!! I love it. Really sad that I have no idea what it is. It feels natural, which is good. 

I managed to get them all to a size that I like, but I did make one mitten that came out really little. I’m going to make another to match it and sell them as premie mittens- which I have to make a hat to match too.

Etsy store will be up soon!!! Hopefully today!

Let me know if you would like me to make a set for you! Or a gift for a friend!! They really came out nicely in my opinion! Very pleased!!

The Chaos Continues

I haven’t written in a few days… my bad! Totally not my intention. I’d love to try to get in a little something daily. Been really all over the place lately.

My work at home gig- died. Kind of happy that it did, because it was really getting me down. Recruitment is not for me. I hate hasseling people, at their jobs, trying to bribe them into something that they aren’t interested in. Its one of those jobs where its not really on you if you can’t get people into an offer. If they don’t want a new job, I can’t force them. No matter how hard I work at it, its just not in me to push people. Not getting results, made me feel like shit. I felt bad that I wasn’t able to do better, which just brought it into a vicious cycle of crap.

I’ve been re-focusing myself onto more hands on things.

I started crocheting more things. I’ve put my baby blanket on pause for a bit and started to make baby cocoon and hats. I also made Connor (my baby) a hat, and am going to start on some scratch mittens soon.

All the cocoons and hats I make will be going up on Etsy soon. So if you are interested in them, check back in with me on details about my shop… I haven’t made it yet… But I will!

They are coming out really great! I’m getting really proud of myself, and I’m pumping them out pretty quick too. Which is great! If anyone has any requests on knit or crochet items or gifts, let me know. I am self-taught, and have been learning as I go.

Goat Update!

In case you didn’t read about it in my previous post, I’ve been working on rescuing a goat.

It’s one of my neighbors goat. I’ve found out since my last report to the police, that its name is General Lee – terrible name for this poor little guy.

I’ve since had to make another more urgent call to the police to help save him from choking to death.

I was driving by (he lives along my private drive, so I see him daily) and I saw him, yet again, caught up in his wire cord, chain. I couldn’t stop at that moment because I was bringing Anthony to work, and didn’t want to make him late.

I had to do a lot of running around and when I finally had gotten back home, he was so bound up that his face was dragged into the ground. The chain is connected to one of those metal spiral spikes that you stick into the ground. I freaked out! Not only is this post in the middle of an uncovered area, but he’s been stuck like this in North Carolina sun and heat for HOURS!

Franticly, I started working on this mangled mess of metal cord, while I was on the phone with the police. It was so twisted and round up that no matter how hard I tried to untwist it, it wasn’t coming undone. I even thought to take off his collar, but to my horror, the cord had got wrapped around his neck and was starting to dig in and choke him out! I was nearly crying on the phone with the cops, begging them to hurry down. I did manage to get it loose enough to where he could breathe and hold his head up again.

While General Lee and I waited for the officer, I went around and ripped off branches from the trees to give him some much needed food. There wasn’t anyone home for at least 2-3 days, so I know he’s been starving; as there is also NO grass within his reach.

So the cop finally got there and we spend 45 minuets of trying to get him unstuck and let him loose while we continued to unravel the tangled mess. General Lee was munching grass all the while – so cute! He had concluded that there was NO WAY that the goat could have tangled himself up like that, that it must have been done intentionally – which I don’t know, I think there is neglect, but I don’t know about them doing that to him. It must have just been hours of circling around and around that got it so messed up. I want to leave some room for benefit of the doubt.

He made another call to animal control & rescue and they said, basically, that since there were now 2 (empty) buckets out that she has complied with the first complaint of no food… as there was only 1 bucket out before (also empty). I shouldn’t say empty, they were filled with rainwater and bugs. So, in that case, she was “being compliant” and “trying”. I call Bullshit on that one. I filed another report with the officer about the cord, because that is my reason for stopping so often, to untangle him.

Later on that day, as I was running one last errand for the day. She had come home, found the notice, and moved the goat to the other side of the house where I can’t see him so easily… bitch.

Where I fear that my rescue attempts are slowing ending, I can rest somewhat more easily knowing that there is at least grass on that other side of their ran-down trailer, and some more shade that was he had. I keep my eye out for him still as I drive by. She’s home more often now too.

Getting Lost & Saving Goats

Holy shit!

I haven’t been so busy as I was yesterday in a long time.

I feel so accomplished that I had gotten so much done, but I am EXHAUSTED!

My to-do list starting out was fairly basic and simple.

  • Doctor
  • Bank
  • DMV
  • Post Office
  • Cat Food

What ended up actually happening was 90% of the above with so much more!

Doctor – My 30 Week Check-up @ The OB

So to start off I had to go see my doctor, my official 30 week check-up!

I was pretty excited to go for some reason, mostly that I can start counting down the days.

While I was sitting in the waiting room – accidentially sitting in a very comfortable but deep, squishy rocking chair that I couldn’t get out of – I saw something that was kind of sad.

There was a woman being led out of the office in cuffs & shackles. She was laughing and smiling. Given her situation she seemed to be doing alright. She was in an obnoxisouly BRIGHT pink jump suit and was wearing the oh-too familiar prison slippers (I’ve deal with people in prison in the past – not my own experience – just to clarify).

Her escorting officer seemed as nice as she could be, but I feel like she was trying to rush her along, as the entire waiting room was staring at her with the meanest looks, and the most judging eyes. It was really the saddest part of it all.

I was sitting next to the exit, so they walked by me and I could see her big mama belly showing through the jumpsuit. Everyone, after grilling her out the door then all looked at me for some reason. Maybe cause I was facing them as they stared towards the door. i just kept smiling while they had looks of absolute disgust on their faces.

I can’t judge that woman! I don’t know her story. She’s incarcerated and pregnant. I can only imagine and make up my own stories of how I want her life to be like. I hope she is ok, and is doing as well as I would want to believe.

So, I finally get called into the office and they check my ever increasing weight and ask how I’m doing.

Then they take my Blood Glucose track sheet…

I got really scared and nervous.

I’ve managed to do pretty well, having NO idea of what I’m really doing. But… there are a few numbers on there that I was REALLY wanting to erase or whiteout.

I was seeing a new doctor, who was nice, but not the one I really like. But, they want me to meet all the on-call doctors, just so I can have a face to a name when I go into labor.

She kind of scolded me and gave me a more serious and scary talk about what the absolute worst case sinario could be if I don’t address the situation – meaning the awful sad, mood killing talk of late-term deaths… I wanted to cry. It really set my mood off and made me really scared.

A part of me was wanted to tell her to take him out now then! Crazy, I know. But I’m already a worrier, and get scared easy. My anxiety is really bad at times, so that didn’t help.

They want to see me next week to look at my numbers again before putting me on medicine…

I have to do better!!!


Getting Lost in Little Switzerland!

So after the doctor, I finally went to the bank to cash my check (as I am SOOO overdrawn in my account). It felt nice to have a few bucks in my pocket again.

Since I am still semi-unfamiliar with the area and driving around, I found the address for the DMV on my phone and got the GPS going on it.

Everything seemed right. The time, distance, rough guess on location (I know where it is, just couldn’t figure out how to get there) alright, good! Let’s go!

Driving, and driving, and driving!

Listening to music. Got my windows down! Feeling good!

Going up this crazy beautiful mountain, winding roads. It was amazing!

Going up, and up, and up. And around bends and up the mountain, “You have reached your destination.” WHAT?!

I was nowhere! I was going up a mountain! There wasn’t anything but trees around me. Totally NOT where I knew the DMV was. So I had to keep on going until I could find a safe spot to pull over and look at my phone.

Turned out I was somewhere called Little Switzerland. Which seemed absurdly appropriate because of how lost I was and how outlandish that kind of name would be in the middle of nowhere in North Carolina! I guess it was big on gem mines, because they were EVERYWHERE! I wanted to stop and go check out a mine, and get gems (would be so cool to add them to my crafting). But I had places to go and things to do. So I’ll save that adventure for another day!

I ended up having to put down the animal shelter location, knowing it was next to the DMV. I don’t know why I couldn’t get it to work before…

So now I’m a little more determined and a little more upset, as I barrel down this mountain towards my right destination. I was a long way off.

I finally got there and switched over my ID from Washington to North Carolina!


After all that, I went to the post office and got some packages that were waiting for me. Yay! More baby gifts!

I had to go home and eat something after all that. I was STARVING!!


D To The Rescue!

There is this goat down our road that one of our neighbors owns. Its in REALLY bad shape.

We have been trying to save its life for a little over a month now.

It is chained to the middle of their yard. It has a dog-house with a pillow that is “under” a tree for some “shade”. That pillow is SOAKED with shit and piss. It NEVER has food or water. It has eaten ALL of the grass it can reach from its chain.

That chain gets him SO tangled that we have to stop by every day and untangle him. We find up hog-tied in the middle of the yard, boiling in the sun all the time.

The first time me and Anthony found him lying there SCREAMING, he was so bound up that his leg was rubbed RAW from the chain. He was limping really bad. The wound was festering. It smelled like rot and wasn’t looking good. At all. That was when we started calling police.

After many calls and complaints to police and animal rescue, yesterday on my way home from the post office, Steve (Anthony’s dad) messaged me, asking me to go give the goat some water. He had spent 30 minuets untying his chain and giving him some breathing room, as he gets so caught up he gets stuck in the sun all day. He said he called the police again, and that they were sending someone down to check it out.

I ate some lunch and filled up a gallon jug of water and headed down to see little goat.

As I pulled up, there was the cop! I was hesitant at first to do anything, it isn’t my goat. I want them to get in trouble! But the goat knows us by now and recognizes my car, so he started crying out to me. I had to help him out! So I grabbed my jug and got out to give him water. The cop saw me and came out to talk to me.

To keep this story from getting any longer, I filed a report and told him what has been going on. The officer could see that this goat was in bad shape and that it was definately hurting and neglected. I told him, we want this goat! At this point it is ours! We take care of him! We have a barn in the shade for him, he’d be so happy. He seemed to get my point.

I gave him my number and he told me he would talk to someone to see if they could get the “owners” to agree to release the goat, and we could have him. I felt satisfied. We talked for a good long while. Poor goat drank a gallon of water in that short time.

Later on that day, the owners showed up (they only do about 1-2 times per week mind you) and put up a sign for us to see that “General Lee was well taken care of, by her kids (they are maybe 6 and younger). That he had gotten attacked by a ‘brindle pit-bull’ that lives up the road” There is no pitbull of ANY color on our road. AND “up the road”, is more “up our driveway” and that would be us… we don’t have a pit. Or anything brindle. And our animals wouldn’t hurt this goat cause we have loose chickens and they are fine. So the entire thing was hilarious and we are going to continue our fight for “General Lee”